Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cabin Fever

For the past 6 days, I've been sequestered to the not-so-great indoors because the pollen count around here has been "Very High".  It really wasn't too bad at first, but now Mommy and I are starting to run out of indoor entertainment ideas.

We've read lots and lots of books,

tried out crayons for the first time (I wasn't impressed),

perfected the toddler headstand,

and even discovered a new pet (Daddy said I can keep him).

We're longing for the day the pollen count drops back down to bearable levels, so we can get back to activities like this:
(Which, incidentally, is the very activity that pushed my histamine levels over the edge.  An hour and a half of bike riding on a "Very High" day will do that to ya'.)

In the meantime, I will gratefully be accepting any and all indoor young toddler activities you may have to share!


Bradshaw's Buzz said...

On days we need to stay inside I put down a waterproof tablecloth and give him a coloring book and a small container of waterpaint. Get em naked with just a diaper though ;)

Take off your couch cushions and build forts/obstacle courses in the house

Visit Malls (indoors ;) ) that you normally don't go to Ie: Galleria. There they have a playarea that's cleaned 4 x's a day!

Anonymous said...

I adore that she had chosen Jeremy's shoes to pull around. I'm sure he does too! It is something you would read in a children's book. She is quite a character. She may be the inspiration you need for a character.

Rachel Moss said...

Great ideas, Tanya! I'll have to try these.

gramma said...

The toddler headstand and "new pet" are too cute!!!!