Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Playtime with Preston

Mommy and I got to hang out with 3-year old Preston today while his mommy took Ian to the pediatrician. I had a great time hanging out with this cool big kid!

Preston has the most stylish sneaker wardrobe of any preschooler I know. He's got his own Chucks and Pumas!
Preston's Chucks look just like this grown up version my Daddy left hanging out in the living room.

Preston and I talked Mommy into giving the two of us a backyard wagon ride. That little ride ended up being the best workout Mommy's had in a loooong time! She's not used to hauling around 55(ish) pounds, you know!

You'd think that by now Mommy would have figured out that it's just not possible for an amateur to take a picture with two kids looking at the camera at the same time. I guess she hasn't learned her lesson yet, though. All her sing-songy pleas of "Katie Bug, look at Mama" couldn't pull my attention away from the bird (or piece of grass, or spilled bubble solution, or fluttering butterfly) that had my rapt attention at this moment.

As soon as Mommy snapped the above photo, Preston said, "Wadel. She wadn't wooking." Nothing gets by that boy!

Thanks for playing with me today, Preston! You are a good friend.