Saturday, April 10, 2010

Legacy Lunch

Here are a few silly shots from our Legacy Lunch on Wednesday.

I discovered that it is possible to sit backwards in a highchair. So fun! Mommy is glad that most restaurant high chairs have a bar that separates little toddler legs, making this turn-around-trick much more difficult.

The Legacy Lunch was held in our church's fanciest room. We call it the Fireside Room. It was built in honor of this couple.

Their names are Bill and Mickie Gee, and they played a big role in our church's history. I gave everyone at the lunch a good chuckle when I pointed at this picture of Mr. Gee and cheerfully exclaimed "Dada"!

Mommy was on her toes as we toured the future youth area of our Community Center. I kept finding lots of things to touch, but most of them were quickly snatched out of my hands.

At this point, I was finished with being redirected and distracted! Mommy wisely recognized this wiggle move as her cue to take me home.