Monday, October 11, 2010

Fun at the Fair

Friday was Mommy's Fair Day, so Daddy took the day off and the three of us headed out to the fabulous State Fair of Texas.

Mommy had created a lengthy 'to do' list in her head, but we didn't actually get much crossed off of that list.  I guess that's just what happens when you get a late start on the day, rely on public transportation, and have a 20 month old who requires a mid-day nap!

Here's what we did manage to do, though:

Eat a Fletcher's corny dog (our friend and Fair expert, Scott, informed Mommy that if you purchase a Fletcher's dog it must be refered to as corny).

Try out the Texas Fried Frito Pie...
well, I didn't actually get to try this one.  Mommy didn't think I was missing out on too much, though.

Play on this thingy.

Splash in the Esplanade fountains.

Watch five minutes of the the Backyard Circus.  The 'ringmaster' took a long time explaining the circus, so I was 'all done' long before the act actually got started.

Visit the petting zoo.
I waved and said 'hi' to the goats, giraffe, water buffalo, cow, and pigs.

Once we toured the petting zoo, I was more than ready to head home for my nap.  Mommy and Daddy have decided that next year we won't head to the fair until after my nap is over...that should give us more time to enjoy ourselves!