Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Best

Well, I've had two successful nursery Sundays in a row now.  This "big kid" class is really working out well for me!

I even learned a new song this morning.  Mommy says she used to sing it when she volunteered in the nursery as a junior higher, but she had forgotten all about it until my teacher sang it for her today.  It goes like this:

God made my head and
God made my nose.
God made my fingers,
God made my toes.
God made my eyes and they both open wide.
God made my mouth with my tongue inside.

That last line is my favorite because you get to stick out your tongue after you sing it!

Brandi and Karsyn were at church this morning, too.  Don't Karsyn and I look super cute in our matching outfits?
Thanks for the clothes, Mimi and Grammy Joy!

And don't worry...I won't forget to post Trunk or Treat pictures later in the week.