Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How I suprised Mommy on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning, Mommy decided to be a little edgy and let me read books in her bed while she took a quick shower.  I'm super talented at getting off the bed 'feet first', so she was confident that I wouldn't be taking any unexpected tumbles.

Even with that confidence, though, the first thing she did when she stepped out of the (very, very fast) shower was peek into the bedroom to see how I was doing.  She wasn't too suprised to find that I was no longer on the bed...but she was suprised to see this...

Yup, that's me sitting in my Bumbo!  I haven't used that thing in months, but Sunday just seemed like a good day for some Bumbo reading. 

Pretty funny, huh?


Anonymous said...

She's a clever one. Glad she loves books so much - like mommy.