Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend Wedding

This past weekend, my family and I headed back out to San Antonio to attend a Friday night wedding.  Here are a few highlights of our teensy vacation.

I got to play with my friend, Judah Coop, again.  Judah is only five days younger than me.  We had a great time together!

I also enjoyed checking out Judah's baby sister, Claire.

 Uncle Oscar was at the wedding, too.  Aren't we great posers?

As you can see, I was in quite the picture-taking mood...

...and feeling very generous with my smiles...

 ...until Mimi and Poppy decided they wanted to take a picture with me.

This was one of Chris and Abby's fabulous engagement pictures.  Mommy thinks this shot belongs in a magazine spread.

We loved spending time with the Coop/Dunn family!  Judah's aunt, Colleen (in the black dress), is one of Mommy's former babysitters. 

Saturday morning, we met the Coop family at The Egg and I for breakfast...

then headed back to our hotel where Daddy and Poppy kept me entertained with 'wimmin pool' tricks.


Brooklynn said...

Love your necklace!!!!

Mimi said...

Love those smiles!! Great time with the Coop family and seeing all the kiddos play together.

Kelly Chambers said...

I love the pic of Katelyn by the window! What a sweetie!