Monday, November 1, 2010

Trunk or Treat

I had a blast at theLighthouse Trunk or Treat last night! 

Daddy did a great job on my milk carton costume.  He was giving Mommmy credit for the costume idea...but even the idea his doing!

Daddy pretty much sealed his fate as official-Moss-costume-maker when Mommy came home from school one Halloween to find him wearing this creation.
Thankfully, my milk carton was a bit more wieldy than Daddy's Reese's costume!

 Preston was looking quite heroic in his fireman costume. 

And Ian was Mr. Dapper as a proper golfer.

Karsyn was the cutest kitty cat on the block.
(I should also mention that she was also this year's winner of the "Lighthouse Baby Race".  I am proud to pass such an honor on to her.)

Kaylee sported the "horse and rider" combo.

And Leila was the cutest owl I ever did see.

Even though they're not really kiddos anymore, I wanted to make sure you saw Thomas and Yari's costumes, too.  They fit right into the young adult's 50's trunk theme!

I had so much fun checking out all of the costumed ToT attendees.  There were even a few Lady Gagas in the mix!

If I were forced to choose my favorite portion of the night, though, it would have to involve this wonderful invention.
 Aren't bounce houses glorious?

I saw these air filled wonders being inflated as we left church this morning and I talked about them all afternoon.  Mommy and Daddy were really suprised at how subdued I was once I actually got inside of them.  I didn't do much bouncing at all...just a lot of sitting and bigger-kid-watching.  As soon as my feet were back on firm ground, though, I kept right on talking about them.  Obviously, my parents have not yet figured out that I am fully capable of concealing my excitement when I want to be.


Erin and Chris said...

Love her costume! You guys are much more creative than I am!

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

That milk carton is adorable! Jer is a really good costume-architect!

I love Ian's golfer costume. There was a boy at Kate's school in that same outfit--I thought his parents put it together, but I guess it's sold as a set!

Britt said...

I wanted to tell you something, but don't have an email address for you. I'd like to send you a link I have that's private for the time being. Where can I send it? My email is :)