Monday, November 22, 2010

Mommy's "SAHM for 9 Days" To-Do List

Mommy is thrilled to have this week off of school.  She's looking forward to 9 whole days of SAHMing and doing lots of things she enjoys but just can't make time to do when she's working. 

Here's what's on her To-Do List:

Sleep past 5:40.
Go over to Kelly and Cooper's house for a playdate.
Read a book that has nothing to do with teaching.
Bake Christmas presents for her co-workers.
Bake Thanksgiving desserts.
Sell some of my outgrown clothes to Kid to Kid.
Visit the dermatologist about a few skin spots that are troubling her.
Catch up on a teeeeny bit of paperwork from school.
Catch up on a not-so-teeny bit of paperwork from home.
Blog everyday.
Spend lots of time with family.
Start decorating our house for Christmas.

Yes, it's an ambitious list for 9 days. And a few items on the list will probably have to be postponed due to my present illness (such as the playdate that's already crossed out). But Mommy isn't nearly as concerned with accomplishing everything on the list as she is with making the most of this time off. 

And if making the most of this time off means cuddling a sick toddler back to health...then Mommy will be more than happy to spend her time doing just that!


Kelly Chambers said...

Sad we had to reschedule, but hope you really enjoy your time off this week! And "yea!" for blogging everyday!