Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Came Early

This year, Christmas came a little early to my families. 

On Friday night, Mommy's side of the family opened presents with Nana and Papa since they won't be with us on Christmas.  NaPa (as these great-grands are collectively known) gave me this great Little People Nativity Set. 
 I'm so glad that I get to spend the next month enjoying this thing!

I think NaPa will spend more than the next month enjoying their gift, though! 
They loved this canvas that we all gave them.

Even though there was a fabulous play-able nativity set nearby, I found lots of enjoyment in this plastic Ziploc baggie.


On Saturday, Daddy's side of the family celebrated Christmas. Uncle Brian, Aunt Becky, and Micah will spend Christmas with Becky's family this year since they were with us for we all enjoyed some early holiday cheer!

 Micah and I have really figured out how to rip into presents. 
 We also worked hard to practice our giving and receiving manners by passing out presents to everyone and saying 'thank you' each time we opened a present.

Micah had a blast playing with the still-wrapped emergency vehicles we gave him.  He scooted all around the living room with those guys.

And I love the Fancy Nancy doll and book that Micah's family gave me!

I was more than happy to help out by disposing of discarded wrapping paper and ribbons.

Micah recharged his batteries by taking a break on my ladybug Pillow Pet...while Mommy and Daddy calmed my cries of "Mine! Mine!".

Once Micah's energy was restored, he went right back to play!

Micah and I had so much fun playing together this weekend.  I can't wait to see him again!

The next time I see him, though, he'll be a big brother.  WhooHoo!


Anonymous said...

It was a terrific Thanksgiving/Christmas. Loved every minute. Kids really make Christmas fun.

BBMoss said...

Love the pics! They both have such great personalities.

Kelly Chambers said...

Cooper LOVES his Little People Nativity set!!!