Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stream of Consciousness: Thinkin' About Birthday #2

Mommy has been brainstorming party themes for my second birthday, which is now just three months away.

Her initial ideas were: ladybug theme, random animal theme, "The Very Hungry Kater-pillar" theme.

She decided the first theme could wait until I'm older, the second theme isn't organized enough, and the third theme should definitely be saved for an older birthday I will actually remember.

After a Facebook friend sent out theme requests for her own daughter's second birthday party, a Two-Two (tutu) party became Mommy's favorite idea.  A quick Google search for tutu party ideas made Mommy think that this was yet abother party theme will probably be better saved for a later birthday...when I can have lots of little girlfriends over in their tutus...and actually appreciate the cuteness...even if the wordplay will be lost.

This realization led Mommy to ask herself what kind of a theme I would appreciate at two years old. 

This question has only two answers. 

I think you know what they are:


Since Mommy can't think of too many ways to throw a cute Barney party, it looks like Elmo is the man for the job.


Anonymous said...

Gary's 2nd bday was Elmo; it was a hit! I made Elmo face cupcakes, & the kids played "pin the nose on Elmo" & lots of other Elmo games. It was SO easy to find partyware, as well. Even dollar stores still carry tons of Elmo stuff. Have a blast!!

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Elmo seems to be the thing to do for second b-day parties! I have seen SO many people doing them for their two-year olds.

I've been thinking a little about Kate's, and my fave ideas so far are a jungle/animal theme or "Barnyard Dance Party," since she has loved the book Barnyard Dance this year.

Bradshaw's Buzz said...

I like your ideas for Katiebugs' future b'days. Elmo rocks. We did it for Austin's 1st b'day and Thomas (boys party obviously LOL) for his 2nd.