Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Parent's Holiday Buying Guide

Last week Mommy posted the following comment on Facebook:

  Just ordered Katelyn's first Christmas present! As exciting as her first Christmas was, this one's going to be even more exciting. I love it that she really understands what's going on now!

One of her friends, DeeDee (who has three daughters of her own), replied with some great gift buying advice.  She said that she tries to get her girls, "Something they want, something they need, something to play with, and something to read."  This little rhyme helps DeeDee narrow down what to buy for Christmas...and saves her from buyers remorse.

Mommy shared the rhyme with Daddy, and they both decided that it's something they'll aim to stick with.  Apparently, they've already bought me "something to play with" and "something to read", so all they have left is to figure out what I really want and need!


Bradshaw's Buzz said...

How cute is that! Thanks for the idea. We already have the something they want and something to play with. Just need to get the something to read (Scholastic book fair is coming up at his school) and something he needs

Kelly Chambers said...

Cute idea!

Mimi said...

Can't believe how little she looks in that picture!! She seems so grown up now. I can't wait to see her expressions this year. It will be so fun. I think DeeDee's idea is great!

Michele Cannon said...

I agree with Mimi... I can't believe how tiny she looks! I'm super-excited about this Christmas, but I totally see what you mean about the second Christmas being even more fun. Next year Lei will actually understand it!

The Smith Family of 4 said...

I like that bit of advice. Think I might snag that one and keep it in my book of things to remember. :)