Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's Her Party, But I'll Cry if I Want To...

A few week's ago, I helped my friend, Emily Kate, celebrate her 3rd birthday.

Emily Kate and I have gotten to be good friends this year at Miss Toni's house, but our parents have been friends for a long, long time.  My daddy and Emily Kate's daddy were even roommates for a while!

Here's a pic of the birthday girl playing "Pin the Hat on the Polar Bear".  EK was really great at that game!

I wish that I could say I was more than happy to jump in on the party-gaming fun...but that would be a lie.  While the other kids were playing their hearts out, I was glued to Mommy's lap with the occasional tear streaming down my cheek.  Anyone who tried to cheer me up was met with a quick grumpy-brow-furrow!

I did perk up a little bit when I noticed this super fun Fisher-Price dollhouse...

but I didn't really become myself until the cake and ice cream were served! 

It was at about this point that Mommy realized I hadn't eaten lunch that day. I went down for my nap earlier than usual so that I wouldn't have to be woken up mid-nap to go to the party...but when I did wake up Mommy completely forgot to put a little yummy in my tummy.  Think that explains the teary eyes during game time? 

I was finally getting warmed up right when the party came to a close.  Thankfully, the warmup came just in time for my mommy, EK's mommy, and EK's grandparents to snap a few shots of the two of us playing a little duet on our 'flutes'.

Happy Birthday, Emily Kate! 
Maybe next year Mommy will remember to feed me before your party.


Messy Mom said...

We all have those moments, and yes ice cream and cake often do the trick for me too, even if I did eat lunch. I love EK's shoes I've seen a lot of little girls wearing those light up kind and I want to get some for SJ eventually.