Sunday, March 6, 2011

Party Animals!

I have been one crazy party animal for the past month! Mommy, Daddy, and I have been to one party just about every week (including my own) since the beginning of February.
Instead of sharing these super fun shindigs with you, I've been secretly hoarding them all on Mommy's PC. They really are just too exciting to keep to myself, though, so I thought I'd spend this week blogging about each of them.

First up is the owl themed first birthday party of my good friend, Karsyn.

Karsy's Aunt Brooke sent this birthday banner all the way from Colorodo.  Brooke is a very clever crafter. 

And check out this cutie outfit Karsyn's mommy ordered for her from Etsy.  This is the shirt...

and here's the fun and full tutu!

When "Aunt" Brandi was wondering how they would be able to find room in their house for all of their party guests, Mommy reminded her their garage would make an ideal place since "Uncle" Adam keeps it clean enough to eat off of the floors. 

(Seriously, he does.  Mommy thinks that they miiiight store 7 noncar items in there.)

Doesn't this make a great extended dining room?

"Aunt" Michele created this adorable owl cake to go along with Karsyn's party theme.  Isn't it precious?!

 My family thinks that Michele always knocks those cakes out of the park! 
Karsyn clearly agrees.

Brandi made sure to include the kiddos and the grown ups in the party favor corner.
 That yellow basket held goody bags for the little ones and the vase was full of yummy cake balls for the older set!

Here's a picture of me showing off the owl clippy that was in the girl's goody bags.   

Happy Birthday (+1 month) , Karsyn!

Stay tuned for more pics from our party-full month.


Jamie Kubeczka said...

Too cute! Love her birthday theme!