Monday, March 21, 2011

My Statty Stats

Last week I popped into Dr. Hull's office for my two year well child (not baby) appointment.  Here's what I found out:

I weigh 24.6 pounds (20th percentile).
I am 35 inches long (75th percentile).

Dr. Hull was quite happy with my 16 percentile jump in the weight area.  I think she was beginning to become a teeny bit concerned about me when I saw her 6 months ago.

I've also got a few status updates regarding my Potty Training Progress (because I know you are all just dying to get this information):

Wednesday- One pee-pee accident, zero poo-poo accidents
Thursday- Zero pee-pee accidents, one poo-poo accident
Friday- Zero pee-pee accidents, zero poo-poo accidents (because I didn't go at all)
Saturday- Zero pee-pee accidents, zero poo-poo accidents (because I didn't go at all, again)
Sunday- One pee-pee accident, zero poo-poo accidents (I finally decided to go right before bed)

Everyone in my house is pretty happy with the developments above...especially the two times I managed to get my poo-poo in the toilet!  Mommy recently read that kiddos cannot truly be considered potty trained until they have been accident free for 6 months, so I still have a loooong way to go.

Then again, Mommy remembers wetting her pants twice in the 2nd grade (both times in PE because she was too scared of her PE coach to ask him to go to the restroom). 
She also wet her pants/skirt a couple of times at work after I was born...but that was for a completely different set of reasons!

Hmm, I guess that means Mommy wasn't potty trained until she was 26ish?


Brooklynn said...

hahaha. Katie sure is a funny writer! :)

Mimi said...

I am so proud of your potty training progress. You will have that poo-poo business mastered in no time!!

Zion said...

Ha ha! That last line is hilarious. I think I know were she gets her slender genes from. She'll appreciate that someday.

~LL~ said...

And you go to Dr. Hull!!!

I go to Fikkert!

Great minds!