Thursday, March 10, 2011

Grown Up Party

Last week, my family headed over to "Uncle" Oscar and "Aunt" Tara's house to celebrate the birthday of our friend, Tammy.  

You may remember Tammy from a post I wrote last winter.  At that time, she was the director of a faith-based women's rehab center in Ireland.  Well, she's living stateside now.  And she is once again following the voice of God as he leads her into a new endeavor...rescuing victims of human trafficking in the Dallas area. 

Suprised?  Mommy was, too, until Tammy told her that the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex is one of the fastest growing battlefields in the fight against human trafficking.  Please pray for Tammy and her team as they allow God to work through them to build this mission from the ground up!

Happy birthday, Tammy!  We are so glad that you are back in Texas!