Friday, June 10, 2011

Car anti-Sickness

Some of you may know that last summer I developed an extrodinary ability to become sick in the car.  Considering that both Mommy and Daddy were car sick kiddos growing up, this really shouldn't have come as a suprise to anyone.  The genes were just stacked against me on this one.

Knowing that there is a (nearly) direct correlation between the temperature outside and the likelihood of me getting car sick, Mommy decided that she needed to take some preventative measures this summer.

I'm a pretty hot natured person.  Combine that with the fact that there are no rear air vents in Mommy's car, and you get one easily overheated tot! So, when our Texas temps started soaring a few weeks ago, Mommy made the bold move to turn my carseat forward facing.

She also came across these little guys in the One Step Ahead catalog.
Those are Sea Bands for kids, and they are touted as a natural way to kick the nausea and vomitting that accompany motion sickness.  They were under $8.00 on, so Mommy decided to give them a try. 

After more than 26 hours in the car for our Alabama getaway, it looks like

Forward Facing Carseat + Sea Bands =  0 Car Sickness (almost)

I did throw up a teeny, tiny bit on the last leg of the car ride back home...but that is waaaay better than any of the substantial car trips we've taken over the last year.

Guess who's going to be buying a few more of those Sea Band guys in the near future?


Kelly Chambers said...

That's awesome! Any other travel tips? We are headed to Port Aransas Sunday. Not looking forward to the long drive!

Bradshaw's Buzz said...


Mimi said...

What's the theory behind the sea salt bands?

Messy Mom said...

Good to know!