Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just Plain Awesome

Here are some pictures from our recent Mossy weekend.  They aren't quite Mossome, but I wanted to share them anyway.

This little girl was a big hit with the whole fam.  She's 4.5 months old, and the sweetest little baby any of us have ever met.

Mommy asked Uncle Brian and Aunt Becky where they could put in an order for a similar baby on their next go-round...but Bri and Beck weren't giving away any of their secrets!

 I spent lots of time playing (and sometimes fighting) with my cousin, McB.
 Notice that cast on his arm? It's waterproof! How awesome is that?
Oh, and that's a sippy cup in his hands.  Not a soda can.

The Exotic Zoo Resort we stayed at had a little fenced in area that allowed us to hobnob with farm-type animals whenever we wanted.  Each morning of our stay, as soon as my little eyes opened up, the first words out of my mouth were, "Can we go see the animals?" 
I loved it! 

 The more exotic animals were kept at a safer distance.  We did get to pet many of them on the little guided tour we took of the zoo, though.

They also had a super fun playground that Micah and I thoroughly enjoyed.

Aaand, we got to see some ostrich eggs gettin' all warm in an incubator.

You'd think that would have impressed me.  Honestly, though, by the time we got to the ostrich eggs at the end of our tour, all I cared about was washing my hands. 

"Why, Katie Bug," you say, "you are so hygienically minded!"

Nope, not at all.  After petting lots of animals, Mommy told me that I couldn't suck my thumb until we washed my hands.  I was getting a tad tired and hungry, so my no-thumb resolve was beginning to wear thin!