Friday, June 24, 2011

One Mossome Trip

This weekend, the entire Moss clan was able to be together for 5 whole days! That's, Mommy, Daddy, G-Gi, G-Pa, Gramma, Grampa, Aunt Becky, Uncle Brian, McB, and C-Wa all got to spend a whole hand's worth of days together.

Do you know what Daddy and Uncle Brian call that?

[maw-suh m] adjective- having the characteristics or qualities of the Moss family or it's traditions, while concurrently possessing a high level of awesomeness

Eating G-Gi's apple and banana pie?  Mossome.

Chillaxin' with my cousin, McB?  Mossome.

Checkin' out my cutie cousin, C-Wa?  Mossome.

 Spending a few nights at an "Exotic Zoo Resort"?  Mossome!

 Feeding a "llama, llama, misses mama"?  Mossome.

Taking a bath with a Daddy-made sprinkler cup?  Mossome.

Spending lots of time with all of my Moss lovies?  Well, of course, that's Mossome!

I've got a few more pictures I might share from our little "exotic" getaway...but they're just plain awesome (not Mossome), so I'll wait to share those in another post.

*Daddy thinks the word should be spelled "Mawsome".  Mommy votes for "Mossome".  Uncle Brian, what say you?


gramma said...

It was a Mossome time. I enjoyed it so much. Building great memories of family. Never a dull moment!