Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Few More Things

Here are just a few more things that I did on vacation last week:

Ate ice cream almost every day. It was awesome! 

Found lots of things to entertain myself with inside the home of the family friends who let us stay with them.  I enjoyed playing with their friendly dog, watching their outside cats through the kitchen window, picking blueberries in their yard, and bouncing on their mini trampoline.  

My favorite activity at their house, though, was opening and closing their doors.  They these awesome lever handles (as opposed to the knobs on the doors at my house) that were super easy to open!  I spend a good portion of each day opening as many doors as I I'm pretty sure that Mommy and Daddy are glad to be back in our leverless world.

I didn't discover this USA puzzle until the day we left, but I sure did love putting it together all by myself!
(Just kidding!  Mommy put it together and I mostly undid what she was doing.)

I also threw more than my fair share of little fits.  The two days we spent at the beach were both nap-free days, so I don't think that the fits should have come as any suprise to my parents!


Erin and Chris said...

Yay for ice cream! She's getting so big!

Messy Mom said...

I am always glad to be back in a stairless house when we visit two story homes :) I understand about the nap free days too. Ugh, exhausting.