Friday, April 30, 2010


If you've been wondering about the fate of Daddy's iPhone, this post is for you. 
It is written in the style of Remy Charlip's clever children's book, Fortunately

Unfortunately, Mommy gave Daddy's iPhone a good washing last week.
Fortunately, after scouring the internet for ways to remedy this problem, Daddy discovered that lots of water-loving iPhone users have found that a tub of rice dries their phones up.

Unfortunately, Daddy's phone showed no signs of life after three days of rice drying.

Fortunately, Daddy just happened to have an appointment at the Apple store Monday morning for an issue he was having with his work computer.

Unfortunately, the issue turned out to be a very pricey one that Daddy was not prepared to undertake.

Fortunately, as the the Mac Genius was shutting down Daddy's computer, he asked if there was anything else he could help Daddy with.

"Unfortunately", Daddy said, "there is.  My wife washed my iPhone last week.  Do you have any suggestions?"

Fortunately, the Genius had compassion on Daddy.  He asked Daddy if the phone was with him.

Unfortunately, it wasn't.  It was sitting in a tub of rice in Daddy's office.

Fortunately, the Genius told Daddy to bring it back in the afternoon and he would "take care of him."

So Daddy did (take the phone in) and the Genius did (take care of him).  Daddy walked out of the Apple store with a new(ish), working iPhone.

Which is fortunate for Mommy.  Because now she doesn't feel so bad.


Britt said...

Great post! I laughed the whole time I read it! :) GLad things worked out!

Bri {collected} said...

Oh I love that book! I had some students create their own fortunately books and they were hilarious...much like this post!