Friday, May 7, 2010

The BABIES Are Here!

Have you seen the trailer for the BABIES movie that hits theaters this weekend?  I have...and I love it!  In fact, I've watched it several times in the last two weeks.  As soon as the video is over, I look at Mommy and sign "more".

Last night, Mommy saw an early screening of BABIES with Kelly, Michele, and Tara. Since all four of these mommas have had a baby within the last 15 months, Mommy was sure they would be able to identify with the images in this film. While this assumption was mostly correct, there were also plenty of images that they could not identify with.  It was certainly a lesson in how culture shapes parenting!

In fact, these are the three biggest lessons Mommy learned from watching BABIES:
 All over the world, babies are mostly the same.
Mommies are not.
Playing in the dirt will not kill me.

Does Mommy think you should see BABIES in the theater?  Yes.  Especially if you are now (or ever plan to be) a mommy yourself.