Friday, May 28, 2010

The Change

In response to the guesses as to what big change is coming to my house:

Sometimes Mommy thinks she's going to pull her hair out with the two doggies who already live in our I won't be getting a new pet anytime soon (although Daddy would love to have a weimaraner).

I can't pull my own pants off yet and don't go for very long without a wet Mommy's thinking I'm no where near ready to potty train.

And I loooove my crib and haven't tried to climb out of no big girl bed for me in the foreseeable future.

The big change coming to my house is that Mommy will be going back to the classroom fulltime next school year. <------That's not a period.  It's half of an exclamation point.  Because the fact that Mommy will be going back to work has been very hard on her...but she is starting to get excited about the challenge.

One reason this change is so huge is that Mommy's 6 years of teaching experience have all been in the same district, school, grade, and classroom.  When she goes to work in August, though, all that will (say it with me, now) change.  She'll be in a completely new grade, in a new school, in a new district, in a new city.

 For a Mommy who greatly values routine and continuity, that's a whole lot of new!


Erin and Chris said...

How exciting! What district will you teach in?

Katie Bug said...

Erin- I'll be teaching for Life Charter Schools. They have schools in Oak Cliff, Red Oak, McKinney, Lancaster, Waxahachie, and are opening a new school in Cedar Hill. Their schools are excellent, and I'm really looking forward to joining them. I'll be at the Red Oak campus.

Sara said...

No way! I was offered a Kinder job there my first year of teaching way back when. It was at the Oak Cliff campus right after it had opened. I chose to go another route, but how exciting! What grade?

wife and boys said...

I'm praying it will be a good experience for you!
Just today as I read in the mail about the SDS all family picnic on Aug. something, I thought "Rachel and I won't be able to go... we'll already be in in-service."

The Bradshaw's said...

Congrats! I have heard nothing but amazing things from the schools. A friend of mine teaches at the one off of I-35 - drama. She loves it. Good luck!

Katie Bug said...

Sara- I actually don't know what grade I'll be teaching! At my first interview, I was being considered for first, second, third, or GT. I'm pretty sure they're not going to put me in the GT position, though. I'll probably call this week to see if they've decided where they want me.