Friday, May 14, 2010

Latest Stats

My 15 Month Well Baby visit with the pediatrician was yesterday, and guess what? 
I'm a well baby!

I had a great time exploring the toys and murals in the waiting room.  Mommy and Daddy are glad, though, that we've never had to sit out there for more than 5 mintues.

My doctor was especially proud of the gains I've made in the weight department. I'm still a teeny tot, but I sure did move up 4 percentile points!

Here are my stats:
Weight- 19 lbs 15.5 oz (10th percentile)
Height- 31.5 in (80th percentile)
Head- 18.25 in (60th percentile)

Mommy asked Dr. Hull what she thought about the possibility of it not being a good idea to delay introducing high allergen foods to toddlers. Dr. Hull said she has been hearing a lot about this idea, and that in countries with a peanut-heavy diet (Thailand, for instance) there is a very low incidence of peanut allergies. With this information in mind (and knowing that our family does not have a history of peanut allergies), Dr. Hull gave me the green light for peanut butter! Mommy is super stoked about this development...that woman just loves her PB.

Dr. Hull also talked to Mommy and Daddy about how I was doing with discipline. They told her that I respond pretty well to "no", "uh uh", and redirection...but that I do throw little fits when I am extra frustrated.

"The fits only last for a few seconds, though, " Mommy proudly declared.

Dr. Hull's response was, "Really? Huh. Well, they'll get longer."

If my reaction to Mommy making me come inside for a bath tonight is any indication...that pediatrician is one smart cookie.


The Bradshaw's said...

LOL I <3 the picture. The fits do last longer and they just keep getting bigger/stronger. . . I'm at least getting a workout

Michele Cannon said...

That's funny. Our pediatrician's office has fish/mermaid stuff all over the walls in the lobby, and a fish tank, too. Of course, Leila doesn't really care about any of that stuff, yet, but one day she will!

Brooklynn said...

That is too funny!!! Glad she is growing up into a healthy baby!

Kelly Chambers said...

That last pic is great! Love it!

Erin and Chris said...

Hopefully she will love peanut butter. We got the okay at Ava's 18 month appointment, and that has become one of her favorite foods! I have to agree with the tantrums getting worse...welcome to being the mommy of a toddler!