Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday Best: Mother's Day Edition

Happy belated Mother's Day to all you mommies out there!  I hope your whole weekend was as great as my Mommy's. 

As you can see from the redness around my eyes and nose, I have been bit by the allergy bug (again).  My nonstop runny nose meant that I spent the Mother's Day service in the sanctuary with Mommy instead of in the nursery.  She was so proud of me, too.  I made it through the first hour of service (with a tiny break at about the 30 minute mark) before Mommy and I had to relocate to the cry room.

After service, it was family picture time!
Can you tell that I was really loving my thumb yesterday?

This is one of Mommy's favorite pictures of the day.  It was the first time Leila, Karsyn, and I were all together.  You can be sure it won't be the last, though.  According to Mommy, these babies are destined to be by best girlfriends...either by choice or by force.

When we were finished with our post-service photo shoot, all of my family headed back to my house for some yummy Asian Beef Skewers.  This dish has really become Daddy's specialty.  Here we have Grampa, Daddy, and Auntie hard at work.

We also enjoyed looking at the photo albums Gramma is working on of my cousin (Micah) and me.

And, for the sake of comparison, here is a shot of Mommy and me from last Mother's Day.  I've got a few more hairs on my head nowadays!


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Michele Cannon said...

How funny. Her dress looks so similar to the one Karsyn was wearing this year. I have yet to find a white dress for Leila. But I'm looking. They're just so pretty!