Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Environmental Print

When Mommy was studying education (that's a funny concept) in college, one of the buzz phrases she heard over and over was "environmental print".  Environmental print is the print that we see all around us in everyday life, and it's usually the first print a child recognizes.  Stop signs, the Disney logo, and McDonald's golden arches are all examples of environmental print.

Environmental print can play a big role in a kindergarten classroom, because it helps kiddos who haven't had much literary exposure realize that they already know how to "read" some words.

Evidently, it can also play a big role in the life of this toddler.

It gives me the confidence I need to read the weekly circulars.
Helps me understand how to properly install my convertible carseat.

And enables me to read my most favorite word of all.
(Seriously. I can already "read" that word.)

Mommy and Daddy are not, however, looking forward to the day I can read this piece of environmental print:


Michele Cannon said...

The pic of her reading the paper is adorable!!

Erin and Chris said...

I also love the picture of her reading the paper! She looks like a little girl, not a toddler!

Havard Family said...

Yes, you will not like when she can read that (Build A Bear) lol. Faith is always requesting a trip to Build A Bear!