Saturday, April 3, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Organization Tips

This week's Show Us Your Life topic at Kelly's Korner is organization tips. Mommy has been so excited about this topic because she just looooves organizing (not that you could tell my a quick visual sweep of our house)! Here are a few of her favorite tricks.

This cloth organizer came from the Dollor Tree. Mommy put two of these organizers in my closet to corral all of my shoes. They would also work great with socks, tights, bows, or any other baby/toddler supplies with a tendency to run amuck.

Here's another closet organization trick Mommy uses. Anytime one of my outfits is taken off a hanger, the empty hanger goes in a "pile" in the middle of the closet. That group of empty hangers serves as a divider between my 12 month and 18 month clothing, keeps the clothes still on hangers from getting all tangly, and ensures that Mommy never has to hunt for a hanger when it's time to put away the laundry.
Below we have the envelope system Mommy uses to organize receipts from tax deductible purchases. Since implementing this system, she no longer has to look at stacks of recepits waiting to be sorted. She just writes a description of the good or service at the top, then pops into into the appropriate envelope where it will wait until tax return filing time.
This little guy is the official home of Mommy's ribbon collection.
He's actually a pant hanger, but he does a great job of making sure no spool goes unnoticed. The ribbon used to be organized by color, but that made it difficult to get to the particular color Mommy wanted to use. Now Mommy just makes sure the ribbon that is used most frequently goes on the "open" end of each tier.

Mommy was reminded of one more organization trick after reading this SUYL post on cleaning tips: Touch each piece of mail only once. This rule made a huge difference in the amount of clutter in our home! When Mommy and I bring the mail inside, we do all of our opening, sorting, recycling, and filing right then and there. We only make an exception for mail that needs to be shown to or discussed with Daddy.

Thanks for stopping by! Mommy and I can't wait to discover more organizational ideas from Kelly's other readers.


Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

Love the idea for the little ones shoes.

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Great ribbon organization....Enjoying a Saturday of blog hopping and reading all the Easter posts. Hope you will stop by for a visit.
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Happy Easter

Chelsa said...

great tips!