Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

This morning, Mommy and I took a walk up to the school where Mommy taught kindergarten for six years. We timed our little visit so that the kindergarten classes would be at recess when we arrived. Those kids sure do know a cute toddler when they see one. They were all over me like flies on a pie!

Mommy really wanted to take pictures of me with my new fan club, but she accidentally left all of our "Bug's Life Photography Release" forms at home. Therefore, you'll have to forgive the lack of multiple subjects in the following pictures (we waited until the kindergarteners went inside to take them).

When Mommy was a teacher, she would come home with some of the best stories ever. If she's being honest, Mommy has to admit that hearing unintentionally hilarious statements is one thing she misses about teaching full time. Here are a few chuckle inducing quotes she's overheard in her years as a kindergarten teacher:

"Are you going to lemonade* that for us?"

"It's really froggy outside today."

"My mommy says that Santa isn't real and all ya'lls parents are liars!"

"Oh're so cooooool!" (from a clearly delusional child)

"My big brother says you're hot."

"I don't know how that hole got in my shirt. I did not cut it with scissors this morning.""Oh no, you caught me doing my secret booty dance."

"I won't be here tomorrow. I'm taking the Polar Express to the North Pole."
(After a class discussion on nicknames.)
(And spoken with great enthusiasm.)
"My nickname is Douche!"
"Mrs. Moss, she was about to tattle on me!"

*Can you guess what word this student had confused with "lemonade"?


Brooklynn said...

laminate? Possibly? Maybe?

Kelly Chambers said...

I agree with the laminate guess! I miss those little sayings too! My favorite is the student who when saying the pledge of allegiance said "and justice frog"!

Bri said...

Ahh fun! My degree is in Elementary Ed! I seriously miss all of their crazy quotes. So so funny!

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

I worked in a day care one summer, with the two-year-olds. One of my favorites was the little girl who always said she was making stuff (a drawing, a finger painting, a pile of food) for her mommy or her daddy or her grammy... then one day she was on the potty and said matter-of-factly "I'm making this for my mommy!"