Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Best

I couldn't believe it when I looked outside this morning and saw a light blanket of snow! I guess no one told Old Man Winter that his time is officially up.

After our worship service, my family went to lunch with some friends from Mommy and Daddy's young adult group. Let me introduce you to two of them. Here we have Eddie and Trish.
These two both have exciting, dramatic stories of how they came to faith in Christ. Trish and Eddie's lives have been inspiring to Mommy and Daddy as they have gotten to know them over the past year. We are all super excited about their wedding in just 6 weeks!
I have already figured out that my Auntie lets me get away with waaay more than my Mommy! I had a blast chilling on the table and sticking my hand in Auntie's glass of water when she let me sit at her end of the table.

Here's the whole gang. I promise that Ronak doesn't really look that scary in person. All of the "men in black" were in rather goofy moods today, actually.

I was exhausted after our little lunch, so I decided to take a 3 hour nap this afternoon. When I woke up (in just about the best mood ever), Daddy and I enjoyed some board book time. Here we are reading one of my favorite library books,
"Oh, David!" . Mommy and I just love the "Diaper David Book" series. Daddy, on the other hand, thinks the main character is a little scary.

This picture is actually from Friday, but I really wanted to share it with you. This was my very first time to meet baby Leila (or Leila Bell, as we call her). She is about the same size as my baby doll, so Mommy was in "hover mode" whenever I got close to her. She must have thought I was going to try to put her into my doll stroller, or something.

I can't wait until Leila Bell and I can really play together. We are going to be great friends!