Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Easter Egg Dress Hunt

It's hard to believe that Easter Sunday is just around the corner! The grownups in my church (along with countless other believers around the globe) are marking the entire Easter season with prayer and fasting. I even joined Mommy and Daddy the other night in our church's prayer room for a time of corporate prayer...although it's quite possible that I was more of a distraction than a partner in prayer.

Easter is truly the most important celebration of the Christian faith, and it should be approached with great humility, gratitude, and sincerity.

There is also a more frivolous side to Easter, though. And this frivolity is (perhaps unduly) near and dear to Mommy. I'm talking about the frivolity of the Easter dress.

As you can see, Mommy and Easter dresses go way back.

(Aren't Auntie's rubberband hands adorable?)

(Maybe I shouldn't complain about the bows Mommy puts in my hair. It could always be worse.)

This year, Mommy's not so concerned about an Easter dress for herself. She'll probably forgo that treat for another year or so. She is, however, looking for a special dress for moi'.

In order to keep up with her New Year's Resolution to pursue a life of simplicity, Mommy started her search right in my own closet. I do have one dress that could work for Easter Sunday, but when Mommy tried it on me today it was still way too big. So, it was on to Plan I (for internet).

This adorable blue Strasburg bishop sure did catch Mommy's eye. With a $90 pricetag, though, that's all its gonna catch!

Here's another cutie blue bishop. This one, made by Rosalina, is only half the price of the Strasburg dress. Unfortunately, that still puts it a couple of Hamilton's out of our price range. Looks like we'll be moving on to Plan E (eBay)!


Jessica Miller Kelley said...

I'm in the same boat right now, though the dress I found in Kate's closet does fit, so I should probably settle for that, even though it's not the adorable bishop-style I would like!

Kelly Chambers said...

Can't wait to see what you decide on! I love Easter dresses! I already have Coop's outfit and I can't wait for him to wear it. Not the same with boys though!

Mary said...

LOL LOL LOL!!!! Those pictures are priceless. I totally remember those days, too!! Us with our unruly curled hair (yours natural, mine from a home-perm kit my mom insisted on "trying out") and Alyssa with her huge adorable cheeks!! Oh I needed that laugh.

Mary said...

Also, this site has AMAZING deals. Not sure if you'll find anything for Easter, per-se, but you may find a lot for other times in the year.


Cortney and Adam said...

We searched the whole Northpark Mall and found Keegans easter dress at Dillards for $25..It looks similar to the blue ones you posted but it is pink..You may look there..

Rachel Moss said...

Mary- Thanks for that website. There were some really cute clothes on there...but what almost got me in trouble was the book section. They have great prices on board books!
Cortney- We may have to give NPM a try. Thanks!