Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dancin' to Dave

Mommy captured some of my smooth dance moves on camera yesterday. We were on an Easter dress expedition to TJ Maxx, when I heard one of Daddy's favorite bands playing over the intercom. Maybe muscial tastes runs in the genes!

Lest you think that Mommy and I spend all of our free time shopping for Easter dresses, I offer the next two pictures as proof of other pastimes.

We met "Aunt" Tara, Ian, and Preston at the library for Infant-5 Year Old Story Time yesterday morning. The librarians read an Irish tale, a book about a lucky hat, and a book about creatures you may find in a garden (they were apparently a little thin on St. Patrick's Day books). We also learned a few fingerplays. After the books were read, the bigger kids decorated 3D shamrocks. Mommy has decided that we need to stick with Baby Bookworms for now. The books at this general storytime were just a bit too long for little ones like me.

Later in the day, I noticed this huge red boa clip amongst my collection of bows. Mommy saw me eyeballing it, so she stuck it in my hair and took me to the mirror to check myself out. Doesn't it look fabulous?! I liked it so much that I left it in my hair for a whole 5 minutes before ripping it out. Unfortunately, Mommy thinks I still need to grow into this one before it can make it's public debut. Maybe it'll be proportionate by the time I go to prom!


alyssa685 said...

I just know for sure that girl is going to be a dancer! especially after her toe pointing recital she gave us today!