Friday, March 12, 2010

Scrape, scrape, scrape

Uh oh!

I have picked up a new habit over the last few days.
One that sets the nerves of Mommy and Auntie on edge.
One that sends shivers up Daddy's spine.
One that all three hope disappears just as quickly as it developed.

What could this new habit be?

Teeth grinding. Of the loud, incessant variety.

I know this habit bothers and worries the grownups in my house, so I thought I'd ask all of you for advice. Any thoughts on what Mommy and Daddy can do to help me kick this habit?

So far, they have tried telling me "no", giving me a teether to chomp on, gently squishing my cheeks, putting a finger in my mouth, and distracting me with whatever happens to be nearby.
Straws seem to be the most successful distraction.
Any other ideas?


Amy said...

Years ago, I was a grinder and clencher, too. My dentist said distractions were the way to go. Unfortunately, grinding your teeth is something you can do even when you are distracted, so it usually has to be a distraction involving using your jaws. I found singing (terribly off key) to be the best solution. It drove those around me crazy, but it helped me break my habit. And it is something that even a cute little girl like you can do!

Havard Family said...

I have no idea what to do for teeth grinding but I had to comment that first pic of Katelyn is ADORABLE!!

Sara said...

Oh man, that is the worst, isn't it? Zachary did it. The girls did it. Then they stopped. It only lasted a few weeks. I think they are curious about these things in their mouth they can rub together to make a cool noise. I bet she'll stop soon. Meanwhile, distraction is the answer I think.