Saturday, March 6, 2010

Welcome, Baby Leila!

Another new friend made her debut today.
Leila Isabel Cannon was born this afternoon...after 37 hours of labor!!
She is 8 lbs, 1 oz and 19.25 inches long.

Can you tell Mommy is excited about her arrival?Leila already has a full head of dark brown hair.

She also already knows how to fold her hands to pray. Leila, I have been waiting for you to join us since July 1 when Mommy and Daddy told me you were coming. I can't wait to meet you, because we are going to be great friends! We will feast on your Mommy's cakes, interfere with our Daddies' computer work, and get anything we want from our Aunties (although, I do think it's unfair that you have 4 of them to spoil you).

And how cool is this, Leila? You share a birthday with Preston!

This big boy turned 3 years old today. To get his party started, Preston spent some time traipsing around his backyard with Auntie's red purse and a red balloon.
Happy birthday, Preston! You are my good friend.

Dont' worry...I didn't go to see Leila at the hospital, nor did I go to Preston's birthday party. Mommy knows better than to take a feverish kiddo out in public!