Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bunny Love

As a little girl, Mommy never really had a transitional object (or lovie) that she was attached to. She was much too serious for that kind of thing. Daddy, on the other hand, did. His lovie was a yellow blankie named "Fufu".

Mommy thinks that lovies can be instrumental in helping little ones navigate tough times in life, so she would really like for me to have one. The trouble is, there hasn't really been any one object I am crazy about (unless you count my thumb). I do like my horsey, dolly, blankie, and Gloworm...but in my mind none of those things are "carry all around the house" material.

There may be one stuffed animal rising above the others, though. His name is Little Nutbrown Hare and he's a character from Sam McBratney's book, Guess How Much I Love You.
This guy has become my good friend over the past few days. Auntie even taught me that he goes "hop, hop, hop". I have appropriately renamed him "Op".

Could this be the elusive lovie Mommy has been searching for?

Or am I better off not being attached to an object that can be lost?


The Bradshaw's said...

Austin's never been attached to anything either except his Momma LOL He does require his green blankie to go night night with but that stays in the crib or goes with us if we are on the road.

I think it's okay for a child not to have a "lovie"

MiMi said...

I guess you don't remember you did have a Lovie her name was Blue Baby...but she got lost on one of our trips and we could never find another one to replace her. I would have to say that I think both you & your sister turned out fine with or without a Lovie.

Mmimi said...
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Kelly Chambers said...

Awww... I think Little Nutbrown Hare will be a perfect lovie! Cooper doesn't have one yet either.