Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain, rain on my face

You've probably figured out that Daddy is a bit more laid back than Mommy. So it should not take you by suprise to hear that he let me play outside yesterday during a rainstorm.

Well, truthfully, he took me out on the patio thinking I would just want to watch the rain come down. When I became brave and ventured out beyond the protective covering of our awning, though, he sure didn't stop me!

He even let me play on my swing for a while!

Isn't he great?

Daddy isn't just laid back, though.  He's also thoughtful.  He switched out my wet clothes for a dry hooded towel as soon as we came inside.


Mimi said...

Isn't is wonderful that you have such a great daddy to let you do all the fun things your mama won't!! She looks like she had a blast!! Just the kind of thing her Poppy let you do.

Bradshaw's Buzz said...

How cute. You're momma sounds like me but I'm glad you had a great time with your daddy in the rain.

Anonymous said...

Like Father, like daughter !! I seem to recall your Daddy having lots of fun doing thing in the rain with his friends too. Like soccer, The Texas State Fair, etc, etc. Keep instilling those great traits in your children, Son. LOL! Love, Gramps