Monday, August 23, 2010

1 Down, 35 to Go

I'm a little late on this one, but I thought some of you would like to know that our family made it through the first week of school with smiles on our faces! 

Here is a progress report detailing the week for each of us.

Shed fewer and fewer tears each day at Miss Toni's.  By Friday, the waterworks were completely dried up.
Loved playing with Miss Toni, her toys, and the other girls and boy at her house.
Asked about Toni every night at home.
Is now taking only one nap a day.
Has been sleeping a little later in the mornings to make up for the lost daytime sleep.

Is in love with the students in her class! 
Has learned that it is possible to walk out the school door shortly after four o'clock each day.
Is the proud owner of two very sore feet and one very tired body.
Thanks God every day for empowering her to do what she thought she was incapable of doing.

Has, once again, proven himself to be a rockstar.
Gets up much earlier than he would like so that Mommy can make it to school on time.
Is now the family grocery shopper.
Made dinner on Thursday night so that Mommy could spend more time playing with me.

And, since I know many of you consider pictureless posts to be imcomplete, here's a pic of Daddy and I chilling on the couch after school last week. 
 I sure do get excited every time that guy gets out his guitar (or "brum brum", as I call it).


Kelly Chambers said...

So glad everyone is adjusting so well! Still can't believe that you are leaving work so early though!