Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy 18th Monthday to Me!

Can you believe that I turned 18 months yesterday?!
Here are some things you should know about me at 18 months:

Weight: 20 lbs, 10.5 oz (6th percentile)
Height: 32.75 in (80th percentile)
Clothing size: 12-18 months
Shoe size: 5

My last 4 or 5 visits to the church nursery have been quite successful...I hardly even shed a tear!

I love a good panini.

I ask to wear my Dollar Tree ladybug costume just about every day.

I am now the proud owner (borrower, really) of a Fisher Price kitchen.  This thing is fabulous!

My expressive vocabulary is right around 100 words. 

This face always pumps me up.  And I can spot it hidden in any retail store!

I recently discovered the Leapfrog Alphabet Magnets Mommy used when she taught kindergarten.  They are super fun.

I can identify capital K, E, and Y about 70% of the time.

Potty training?  Please.  I don't even think so.


Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Hooray for K-Bug!
Those percentiles are crazy--so tall and skinny! And 100 words--wow! What a smartipants!

Scott, Tanya & Austin said...

Austin can spot Elmo and pretty much any CARS car within a 10 mile radius He has eyes like a HAWK!

Impressive on the words and knowing the beginning of the alphabet. We're still working on that hear. Numbers seems to be our favorite thing to learn lately

Kelly Chambers said...

Wow! Learning letters already??? What a good little Kindergartener she will be!

Messy Mom said...

Wow, that cute little costume was from the dollar tree!? I guess, you have gotten your money's worth.