Monday, August 30, 2010

Please Pray for My Mimi

My family would really appreciate it if you would pray for my Mimi today.  Saturday night, Mimi had to make a little trip to the ER for an irregular heartbeat.

Mimi was born with a hole in her heart. When she was 17, her hole was repaired through surgery...but she's had tachycardia (rapid heart rate) issues ever since.  Normally her tachycardia episodes don't last too long, but there have been a few cases that required outside intervention to get her heart rate back to normal.  Those cases involved being defibrillated a couple of times (in her late twenties) and undergoing a cardiac ablation (just one day before I was due to be born).

Up until two weeks ago, Mimi hadn't had any tachycardia issues since the ablation.  That year and a half was the longest she has ever gone without an irregular heartbeart.  She will see her cardiologist today, so hopefully he'll know what Mimi's next step should be.

Please pray that Mimi's doctor will have wisdom and that she will have peace.  Stress seems to be the biggest factor in these hard-to-stop tachycardia peace is definitely necessary!


Scott, Tanya & Austin said...

oh wow Rachel! I will def. pray for your mom and Katie Bug's Mimi!!

Havard Family said...

Praying for her!

Kelly Chambers said...

Praying for her today!