Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My friend, Kar-Kar

If you read this week's Sunday Best post, I'm sure you saw the adorable baby with the huge flower on her dress and thought, "Who is this vision of cuteness?".  It's my friend, Karsyn, of course!

Karysn (or Kar-Kar as I call her) and her mommy, Brandi, were in town for the weekend.  I had a blast spending a little bit of time with her on Saturday and Sunday.

Kar-Kar is the smiliest baby I've ever met.  She may be the strongest, too.  She just turned 6 months old this week and she's already sitting unsupported like a pro!

Karsyn's daddy, Adam, is a golf pro at one of the country clubs in Lubbock.  He also recently joined the PGA tour...so you know he takes golf seriously.  A few weeks ago Adam was taking care of Karsyn while Brandi was at work.  He decided that it was the perfect time to introduce his baby girl to the game of golf...and this is the sight that met Brandi when she met up with them in the afternoon.

I'd say that's one daddy who knows how to multitask! 

(If you'd like to soak in more Karsyn cuteness, check out this sneak peek of her 6 month pics.  They were taken by Brandi's cousin, Denae.  If you happen to live in the Lubbock area, I highly recommend using her photography services.)


Michele Cannon said...

Her pictures are too cute! Denae does such great work...I wish she lived here! I especially love the b&w one with the carriage.
Also, I'm so glad to hear things are going well with school!