Saturday, August 7, 2010

What a Mess

One of the concerns Mommy and Daddy were eager to discuss with the pediatrician last week was my sudden predisposition to carsickness.  Up until July 14, I'd had exactly zero episodes of carsickness.  In the two weeks following that date, though, I ran that number up to four.  Let me tell you...four episodes of carsickness is no fun for anyone involved!

My pedi suggested a dose of Benadryl twenty minutes before a long car ride.  She said the drowsiness that comes with the allergy blocking medicine should put me to sleep quickly, thereby reducing the risk of an unwanted hurl. 

My family just might try that trick the next time we take a long trip.  Unfortunately, 3 of my 4 dates with carsickness have occurred on rather short rides...and my really parents really don't want to dope me up every single time we hop in the car.  So, here's the plan of attack we're sticking with for now:

Mimi helped us devise this little Carsick Kit, and we think it's pretty clever.  
  • The gallon sized Ziploc bags are for containing clothing and any other item that may become soiled. 
  • The towel is for draping over my body (if we're lucky enough to see the sickness coming) and/or cleaning up post-puke messes. 
  • The HUGE bib is now worn by me on just about every car ride.  Since Mommy and Daddy put it on after I've been buckled into my seat, it should prevent my straps from getting soiled (which my family now knows is the most difficult part of a carseat to clean). 
  •  The dress is an extra change of clothes...just in case I've already had to use the change of clothes we keep in the diaper bag.
Fortunately, I haven't had a chance to test this kit out yet. And I'm hoping it stays that way! 

Just in case it doesn't, though, I'd love to hear any tips you may have for helping a toddler fight carsickness.


Cassie Caye said...

I think this sounds like a great idea! I've been lucky so far in that mine haven't had too many car sick experiences! I think I may keep one of these kits in my car just in case though!

Amy said...

They make bracelets for motion sickness. They are near the dramamine tablets at the drug store. Obviously, check the label to see if they are okay for kiddos, but might be an option to put that on 20 minutes before a car ride instead of taking benadryl

Scott, Tanya & Austin said...

Keep the air on her. I know when I get in the backseat if the air isn't on me blowing I get hot and clammy and nauseous. POOR BABY