Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Craftsy Ladies

Mommy and I have been busy with some craftsy ideas! Yesterday we finished this name banner for my nursery. (Now Mommy just has to figure out the least tacky way to hang it from the wall.)

And today we hit not one, but two crafsty stores where we picked up this cardstock and scrapping paper for 3 more banners we are working on.
This beautiful sight caught our eyes while we were browsing the aisles at Michael's. It's a whole section of chipboard letters and decor! Mommy especially loved the glittery letters...but she decided she needed to stick with plain old die-cut cardstock for now.

And in case you were wondering what I was wearing on our shopping outing
(you know you were): I currently have a total of 3 Thanksgiving bibs...thanks to the generosity of Grandma, Mimi, and Auntie. This one came from Auntie.

Even with all of the lovely letters, punches, appliques, ribbon, stickers, scrapbooking paper, stamps, and stencils Mommy fawned over today, this was still her favorite sight:


Mimi said...

I sure am proud of your Mommy and how crafty she has become!! It will look great above your bed.

Rikki said...

That would look really cute with nail covers....