Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Karsyn's Baby Shower

Brandi (Mommy's life-long friend) is due with Karsyn (my future life-long friend) in early February...just 2 days after my first birthday, in fact!

Mommy and Mimi hosted a shower for Brandi this weekend, and I graciously agreed to show off some of the pictures.
Even though I wasn't invited.

Mommy, Brandi, and Mimi.
Lacie (Brandi's cousin-in-law), Brandi, and Dena (Brandi's cousin). All 3 of them are pregnant. How exciting is that?!
Mommy made this cutie bow holder and these bows! She had Daddy rescue the frame from someone's trash pile. Then she cleaned it up, spray painted it black, and glued the ribbon to the back. Now she's on the lookout for a discarded frame for my bedroom!

I helped Mommy make the "it's a girl" banner. We are very proud of ourselves.

The food table.

A little bit closer, now. Mommy hotglued ribbon to the glass containers. She wouldn't let me help with that project, though.

"Aunt" Michele made this beautiful cake. I love the cutie baby footprints on the seal.

Karsyn, Mommy and I pray for you every day. We can't wait for you to get here!
I will take you on wagon rides and trips the the Arboretum when you come to visit Dallas. We will go to the Fort Worth zoo together like our mommies did when they were little girls. And our aunties will spoil us with candy and clothes when the four of us are together.
I just can't wait!


robineilene said...

I LOVE the bow holder!!! Who would ever throw a frame like that away?!?! Don't they know those have totally made a come back? :) You're so creative with that and your banner!

The Bradshaw's said...

WOW Impressed at the cake and bow holder -- very creative talent in your momma's family!!!