Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Best

This cutie little jumper was given to me by my Great Nana Guth. Doesn't she have great taste?

She sent the jumper (and two other super cutie dresses) by way of my Great-Great Aunt Pat and Uncle Morris. We were blessed by a little visit from them this weekend. Mommy hopes she can take me to visit their home in Illinois some day. It's her most favorite house ever!

(What do you think of my pirate face?)

Thank you, thank you to those of you who have been going to the Father on behalf of my cousin Caleb. The last few reports Mommy has read have been very positive.
His pain level has been greatly reduced, his recovery is going well, and he even took a bite out of a roll and swallowed it!
This is great news, because prior to his surgery Caleb would only chew and spit his food.
He's now one step closer to being off his feeding tube some day!


Brandi said...

Karsyn just got that dress too!! Super cute!