Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy 9 Monthday to Me!

I am 9 months old today! Here are some things you should know about me at 9 months:
I currently have my first mosquito bite (it's that red dot right between my eyes).
I love crawl all over my house.
I think pulling up on furniture is a wonderful pastime.
Recently, I have become a dancing queen. And I don't even need music to get my groove on!
I eat mostly finger foods now. This past month I tried blueberries, yogurt, broccoli, chicken, turkey, cantelope, watermelon, mashed potatoes, tortillas, rice, and guacamole for the first time.
I love to turn the pages to books when someone is reading to me.
I also like to pull the cords that turn our light fixtures on and off.
I am still toothless!

I also enjoy reaching out for things that capture my fancy. Need proof?

Tomorrow I go to the doctor for my 9 month Well Baby visit. Stay tuned for details!


Kristine P. said...

Happy 9 months!

Bri has no teeth as well and she will turn 8 months on the 8th.

Do you puree all the table food?

Erin and Chris said...

Ava didn't get her first tooth until 11.5 months. My pediatrician said it's hereditary, and neither Chris or I had a tooth until one year! It's so fun to watch all the changes, month by month!

The Bradshaw's said...


Don't worry about the teeth. My neice is 2 months older than Austin and will turn 2 in 1 month and she only has 10 teeth. Austin's had ALL 16 by the time he was 15 months old so no worries. Just shows how different everyone (and every child) is!!