Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Best

Yup, it's another repeat outfit! Mommy just loves this dress, though, so she wants to get it on me as many times as she can before I outgrow it.

Here are a few more pictures from Trunk or Treat last night. Over 1,000 people attended this event!

Preston was dressed as a golfer. He even had a mini set of golf clubs!
Grandma and Viki. Vicki is super creative and made the costumes for my Grands' small group.
My two favorite mechanics, Auntie and Mommy.
Pastor took me on my very first wagon ride. I had a blast!

Mommy and Daddy let me stay up late so that I could take part in all of the ToT festivities. I was super sleepy by the time the night was over!


Jennifer said...

Katie, you are the cutest little bug! You share a birthday with my daughter...February 4th, but she is two years older than you!

Cute, Cute Pictures!