Friday, November 20, 2009

Remember this bow?

The one that Mommy actually said was too big?

Well, we fixed it this week! It's still a big 'ol bow, but it's not nearly as long. I think it's much more "me" this way...don't you?

And for all of the folks who comment on what a great job I do of keeping bows in my hair...
now you know the truth.

On a completely non-Katie Bug note, can you believe that Mommy was actually out past my bedtime last night?! I bet you know exactly what she was doing, too!

That's right...Mommy was catching a Twilight Saga double feature. She said Twilight was just as cheesy as ever, but New Moon was really great!

She also said that when June rolls around, she will be catching Eclipse at a more godly hour of the day. Three hours of sleep is not enough for the Mommy of a 9 monther!


Brooklynn said...

Katelyn is so cute Rachel! I LOVE the big bows, the bigger the better in my opinion :)