Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can you believe that Mommy didn't take any pictures of me today?
Not one!

She did, however, inform me that my friend Carsyn may be arriving any day now! "Aunt" Brandi called Mommy to ask for hospital-bag-packing advice (and if you know Mommy, you know she loves to give advice) after Brandi's doctor told her she should probably be getting that thing ready.

So, in honor of Karsyn's soon-to-be arrival and Brandi's soon-to-be new mommy status, please enjoy these vintage Bug family pics.

First family photo.
Getting ready to leave the hospital.
Notice the swelling in Mommy's face and hands? That's what 9+ months of pregnancy, 24+ hours of intravenous fluids, and lots of pushing will do to you!

How I spent the first few weeks of my life.
My first bath.
Mommy had little physical, emotional, or mental strength at this point. She was drowning beneath the wave of new mommy hormones, and could only manage to stand by and cry while Mimi and Auntie bathed me.
(I also think she forgot to shower that day, which explains her wild and crazy hair.)

Another family photo.
Mommy was starting to look a little more human here. She managed to make it to the shower, at least.

First time to chill in my brown chair.
Look how teeeeeny I was!

The change pad setup.
Lap pad under my head for my many and massive spit ups. Lap pad under my booty for piddles and poos.

First stroll.
I was one week old here. Mommy thought she could make it around the block a few times, but she had to turn around at the end of the street!

A family favorite.
Don't I look like a little dolly?


The Bradshaw's said...

OH I remember that fog of new mommy emotions. Crying over everything and feeling so exhausted. We've made it through KUDDOS!!

Love all of the 'vintage' pictures

Kristine said...

Love all the family photos!!