Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Party at My Place

Take a look at the invitation Daddy made for my birthday party in a few weeks. Mommy found a very similar invite at tinyprints.com. She sent it to Daddy (with a wish list of changes), and Daddy worked long and hard to create this cutie postcard.

My party theme is "A Year of Firsts", so Mommy was thrilled to have an invitation that coordinated so well with the theme!

Mommy and I did learn an important lesson about DIY party invitations: Thou shalt not print at FedEx-Kinko's! We thought they would be budget friendly, but we were wrong.

Thanks, Daddy, for working so hard on my invitation. It looks great!


The Bradshaw's said...

Cute invitations!

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Super-cute! I can't wait to see the party pics!

Mary said...

And Judah's party is on the same day!!