Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Grandpa wanted to take a family trip to the Dallas World Aquarium for his birthday today. So Mommy, Daddy, the Grands, and I bundled up and ventured out into the North Texas cold. We had a great time investigating some of God's marvelous creatures!
We saw beautiful birds (bird is one of my new words this week, by the way),
a three toed sloth (those things move slower than Mommy),

turtles and stingrays,

a big 'ol manatee (I think her name was Barbara),

and (of course) lots and lots of fish.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa! Thanks for helping me cross another item off of my list of New Year's Resolution!


robineilene said...

We happen to know the Barbara Manatee song too! Nice shout out to the Veggies, Katelyn! :)

Anonymous said...

Katelyn, thanks for hangin' out with me on my birthday. You helped to make it a very special day. And in just a few days, I'll hang out with you as we celebrate your life of "one year". So hard to believe that time has already arrived. Grandpa loves you very much. XO's