Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Best

Poor Daddy! Late last night he woke up with a very unhappy tummy. Which means he did something he never, ever does on a Sunday...he called in sick! Good thing he wasn't scheduled to lead worship today.

Daddy's late night sickness had Mommy a little worried (she said she's never seen him so sick), so she stayed home with him. You know, just in case he decided to pass out or something. Thankfully, he's feeling much better now!

Since one parent was sick and one was caretaking, I got to go to church with Auntie! This cutie sweater dress she gave me was just the thing for a cold weather Sunday (yes, I did wear a jacket).
Mommy was thrilled to finally put this big 'ol bow on me. She bought it even before I was born, so it's been hanging out in my room for well over a year. I'm not so into bows these days, though, so Mommy tries to distract me long enough to snap a picture.

One thing I am really into right now is mirrors. I love to check myself out...even if the dishwasher is the only reflection-producing thing around.

Mommy was really bummed that she missed baby dedications today. Baby dedication ceremonies always remind Mommy of the responsibility she and Daddy have to "train up a child in the way (s)he should go". Every day, Mommy asks God to help her and Daddy accomplish this task, and she so enjoys witnessing other parents make a public declaration of their desire to do the same.

Auntie was sweet enough to take these pictures for Mommy so she wouldn't feel so out of the loop. Here is baby Kaleb with his mommy and daddy.

And Mr. Ian with "Uncle" Oscar and "Aunt" Tara.

Last night, Oscar and Tara hosted a "Second-Born Blessing" ceremony at their home. It was very special! They asked second-born family members and friends to draw on their own life experiences to give a word of advice or speak a blessing over Ian. Ian's Aunt Tammy even sent a video message all the way from Ireland!
I know that as Ian grows older he will love watching the video of this night!


Jessica Miller Kelley said...

I love baby dedications (and baptisms) too. For several years in college and grad school, when I went to a lot of different churches, I witnessed a lot of baptisms and dedications of children I didn't know. So, it was interesting to say the vows the congregation says to help nurture the child in the faith, since I would probably never see the child again. It made me think of how any child or teenager I met in the future could have been a child I once vowed to nurture in the faith. It's kind of like that children's book where the king lets his child be raised among the villagers, and they start caring for every child as they would a prince or princess.

(Hope Daddy is feeling better!)

Ashley Hamby said...

Katie, Teaching is such a great profession. I am loving it so far! I am praying that once my husband and I have children I will get to stay home as well! Your daughter is so adorable. I LOVE those HUGE hair bows. They make me grin! Cannot wait to keep up with you through BLOG.

Kelly Chambers said...

What a cute dress and bow! Katelyn is lucky to have parents so dedicated to raising her according to God's will.

Brittany Nelson said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I had it written down on my calendar and wanted to tell you Happy Birthday before I forgot! Hard to believe it has been a year!! :)